Death on a good day

Is there a good time to die ?

One of our neighbors here had a stroke, fell, had emergency surgery and is being kept in a coma most likely not making it. I never talked to her much, she was a chainsmoker and had a bit of a potty mouth on her. Buf she liked all the dogs in the neighborhood and enjoyed feeding and watching the wild birds.

The day of her stroke/accident I saw her as usual walking to the garbage in one hand and cigarette in the other, one of the other residents said good morning and what a beautiful day was. The lady repeated …loudly speaking as usual, what a beautiful day it is. Somehow her voice and what she said was stuck in my mind so when we saw the EMS come in and going to her site thats what came to my mind.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY….maybe we should all remember to  enjoy life, enjoy each day, each other, see beauty and be thankful for what we have because we never know  when the time is up..

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