Write your Congressman / Senator

Andrea wrote a very nice formulated, non political letter to our congressman voicing her concerns regarding the environmental and economic impact of a borderwall to a National Parksystem Wildlife  refuge.

The reply she got was a formletter addressing her as 02 vs her name basically saying environmental groups lie and steal jobs from the economy.

I would assume leaving the wildlife refuge part intact and adding jobs in form of border patrol checking on the trails would have a longterm economic impact  vs a short term wall building effort that would also cut tourists off from spending their money.

So why even bother contacting those we elect  if all you get is some formletter that doesnt even address the items mentioned in the letter ?

3 thoughts on “Write your Congressman / Senator

  1. I’ve gotten form letter replies, too. My point is usually very specific, if I bother to write, and doesn’t fall neatly into one political camp’s narrow point of view.

    As with bad tech support, specific bullet points are ignored, and I’m left frustrated.

    Even more so when I remember what a good representative government we have compared to many in the world. How dreadful the most corrupt must be!

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  2. Only at the local level, and more so where I grew up (the less populous Pacific NW) than where I live now (New England.)

    My parents were always very politically active in our communities. My father served on the City Council of a small town for a few years when I was small. Later, he was employed in city government (after two prior careers, as an attorney, then owning a small business.) My mother has been an activist for recycling and better waste management since the 1970’s; she helped start one of the earliest such programs in our state. Just a few years ago, she brought a really effective curbside compost collection program to another place working as a volunteer committee member.

    So I grew up watching my family directly affect how life was lived in our town, and seeing concerned citizens enact policy change. Even still, I don’t feel like I have the same power in my current city.

    I should probably try harder. I have a lot of opinions, you know. 🙂

    Every time I step closer to politics around here, I feel icky. I want to step back instead of forwards. I dislike regimes of full time politicians, preferring to be governed at the state level by people who are grounded by “real jobs.” I also like transparency.

    Here’s an eye opening graphic:


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