Texas LTC-100

Well we passed our License to carry test in Texas.

The class costs us $ 79 per person. It started at 9 AM. The group was split up in 2 groups about 4 -5 shooters each. We went to the range and were explained  how to shoot and what the commands were.

It went sometthing like this…

  • Load 5
  • Shoot 2
  • Shoot 3
  • Unload and reload 6
  • Shoot 1
  • Shoot 1
  • Shoot 4
  • Unload and reload 5

We did this for 

  • 20 rounds at 3 yards
  • 20 rounds at 7 yards
  • 10 rounds at 15 yards

After we passed ( Andrea 225/250 , me 250/250 ) we went to the classroom and began the legal part. We learned when we are allowed to carry concealed, when to carry open, benefits and disadvantage of either. We discussed legal scenarios and learned about the law and responsibilities.

At the end we had to complete a 27 question multiple choice test to review the topics we covered in the previous 4 hrs.

We received out certificates , went home, scanned them and uploaded them to the to the licensing authority.  Now we wait for the permit which should  be taking 2 to 3 weeks we were told.

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