Ocelot Day at Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville,Tx

I am not a big fan of Zoos, I know alot of them do alot of good in form of educating the young , research  and conservation… but in my gut i feel sad seeing these animals understimulated and bored in their habitats.

Andrea wanted to go to Brownsville,TX for Ocelot day and see a live ocelot (ocelots are kinda her thing these days)

They also had a 1 mile and a 5k to benefit walk or run the same day.. when andrea saw the runners she told me YOU HAVE TO DO THIS NEXT YEAR….wtf did i do to get punished having to run ?

Anyway.. the presentation about the shrinking habitats and the ocelots was very interesting and seeing the ocelots climbing in real life was amazing.


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