chili cook off and pie competiton

I am trying to get more into making videos vs just photos and text… The RV Resort Andrea workamps at had their chili cook-off and pie baking contest and they seemed to have had a pretty good turnout.

3 thoughts on “chili cook off and pie competiton

  1. Holy cow, that’s a lot of Chili. I would love to be a pie tasting judge. I remember my moms church would have auctions for bake goods. My moms coconut cream pie would always bring a 75 dollar bid.
    She would be thrilled and really enjoyed the men bidding over her pie. It was my favorite too, anytime she would make a pie for someone there was always a second one for me. Oh to be spoiled like that again.
    Now post the winners and the recipe if you have them!

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    • The funny thing with these people here…they dont share the recipes. I asked a few and its always a secret. I have to stay away frim the pies…my belt was running out of real estate and over the last 4 weeks i cut out the cookies and pies and sweets and regained almost 2 inches back from my waist.


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