Getting Fingerprinted

For an immigrant like me nothing I am not used to by now… from the old fashion cardboard with ink to the first generation digital prints.

This time it was part of the LTC …License to carry  ( a handgun ) in Texas. It was a lot faster than anything before.. you make an appointment show up and 10 min later they electronically mailed the fingerprints to the license office. Once they received the certificate that you completed the  class and passed the test ( you  upload that)   They review it and will …or maybe not.. mail you the license.

One thought on “Getting Fingerprinted

  1. Yep we took a grandson to a place to be finger printed for a pharmacy tech job while he is in college. it was super fast and we were disappointed that he did not have any ink stains! He just laughed at us ole geezers! If I would have had one I would have given him an old rotary phone to play with.

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