The monthly check…

The first weekend of each month we try to spend some time working on the RV. Here is what we do

  • Clean, treat flaps/gaskets for slides
  • Lube slide tracks and retact/extend slides
  • Lube leveljacks retract and extend jacks
  • Run engine, check fluids, check lights, measure battery
  • Run generator with load
  • Re-org & declutter inside
  • Wipe down / treat door and window seals
  • Check tire pressure

At first the generator didnt start but then I realized that the water heater was in electric mode and once i turned it off the generator started fine.

Anything else people suggest we do ?

    4 thoughts on “The monthly check…

      • Yeah i wish there were an easy way. To clean and treat the the slide gaskets under the slide tops… but then maybe its ok cause they are not exposed…i saw they have an anwning treatment wash thingy in the store… do you think thats worth it or is that a scam.. i wash the roof/ and rv regulary


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