Tram ride in Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge

Saturday we went back to the Santa Ana  Refuge with two other workampers and took the Tram ride throughout the park. Of course nothing ever works like planned we went on the day where the had a big event planned to protest potentially losing the refuge to the borderwall. We got there on time but when we left the parking lot was full and people were parked on both sides of the road.

Due to the protest they changed the tram schedule and instead of 90 min with stops and small walks they had a 50 minute ride without hikes. Nonetheless it was still great, very educational and we are looking forward to return and take the full trip/hikes.

We saw about 7 Harris Hawks sitting right next in the treetops  and ran into , not over, a BIG Texas Indigo Snake….just laying in the middle of the road…the guided also pointed out other birds and butterflies  that can be found throughout the park.

The guide talked about the history of the park, animals living in it and conservation attempt they do. Probably one of the best guided tours I heard.

Normally the ride is $4 or $3.50 for seniors but since it was short  they lowered it to $2 no matter of age.

For anyone visiting the Rio Grand Valley  I can only recommend the park itself for hiking and the tram ride for learning about the area.

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