Establishing with a new Doctor

Since we already decided to return to the Rio Grande Valley next winter and I needed to get bloodwork done for work I decided to get a PCP  here in the area. I pretty much randomly picked a guy which turned out to be the choice of many other workampers  and fulltime texans here.

The nice thing is  they do the bloodwork  in house so no extra cost there for me. Overall I am interesed to see if the price for the visit will be more or less than in New York.

Since I have to fast for my bloodwork I returned the next morning all hangry and without coffee intake to get my blood taken. They had an interesting setup for the bloodwork… a counter and two chairs next to each other…so two people gettign blood taken sitting side by side… the lady that took my blood was not very good at it… the flow stopped and she wiggled the needed in my arm to make it flow again…bit painful and the open area with some stranger sitting next to me and the people waiting 4 feet behind me reminded me of my first day in the navy when they processed you  and you walked room to room getting blood taken and your junk fondled.

So that’s done…waiting for my lab results to see if being a long term vegetarian (1year)  has a long term impact on my cholesterol and other blood results.

2 thoughts on “Establishing with a new Doctor

  1. Lol, All those people around, sounds creepy. I wonder if they be looking over your shoulder when you get prostrate checked. Your sure that guy don’t sideline as a vet?

    Good luck with the results. I did a stint at vegan and it didn’t change my cholesterol at all, Left in a hurry and got me a big juicy burger!
    Crestor was my miracle drug, thankfully its generic now.

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    • Lol.. that be awesome..shoulder to shoulder during that examine…”hey how is it going over there”
      I am glad changing my diet worked for me, I hate taking pills and think alot of them are just gateway meds from the pharma industry to get you in. i would probably consider meat in moderation but I am really not missing it much and feel better overall healthwise…still smells good when I walk by a BBQ place though.
      Now i just have to work on losing weight and getting more cardio…but i think that mght be the hard part.


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