Cheap Meds in Mexico…just not for pets

A plan weeks in the making… Let’s walk over to Mexico early on a Saturday and get the Pet Flea Meds from there… since all the human meds are cheaper I am sure the Pet stuff will be equally cheap.


We did not get to Progresso till about 10:30 AM and since it was raining over night it was nice and muddy in the streets. The panhandlers were out in full force and  offered their services… We finally  made it to the Pet Pharmacy and I asked for Bravecto for the dogs and Frontline for the cats… I had the prices written down and the Bravecto was 8 bucks more expensive than ordering online in the USA t, I asked for the Frontline and the lady looked on my paper and said… we dont have it cheaper…

So off we went U-turn on the mud road and back to the border crossing and back to good ole ‘MERICA


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