RV condensation issue

When we made the bed a few days ago we noticed that we had some wet spots under the mattress. The good news is I am not a bed wetter , the bad news is that we have some sort of condensation issue since the wet spot is only under the slide part.

After talking with a few neighbors they suggested to put YOGA mats between the plywood and mattress to help with the insulation.

Temperatures were better today so I flipped the bed up, ran the fan to dry the wood and put some yoga pads down. I might go to Lowes and see if there is something better with a higher R value than yoga mats.

Maybe someone has a different suggestion.. We already have Damp Rids everywhere and I don’t think a dehumidifier would be that useful for issues UNDER the matress , but I might be wrong

Step 1)
Flip bed and dry wood

Step 2)
Place yoga mats


Step 3)
Try to make bed with useful dog around

2 thoughts on “RV condensation issue

  1. they have the puzzle shape foam squares for garage and gym floors. Plus they have 2’x2′ square pieces of waterproof wood with an egg carton shaped hard plastic underside. They are made for flooring wet basements. They would add close to 2″ of height to your bed, but would put air flow between them and the bed’s plywood. That would definitly add R value. Then there is always any thickness of foam board used under vynil siding.

    Best of luck my friend.

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