Praise where praise is due…

We have been driving by this little mexican restaurant for a while  and finally made the decision to have lunch there yesterday.

Andrea went with some sizzling Fajitas  and I went with the Chile Rellenos… There was no mention of meat in my dish and  I usually only have seen Chile Rellenos stuffwed with cheese. So I totally forgot to ask / mention me not eating meat since alot of vegetarians/vegans I know can be a bit on the “uppity”  side and I try to keep a low profile…which is hard as a 6 foot 3  , fully bearded , long haired and german accent having person.

Anyway, my dish came and it looked and smell great… I looked at the size of the pepper and started to worry… that thing was stuffed good… I cut into it and saw that it was full of great smelling ground beef.  I don’t like to send things back to the kitchen in fear of “extra spit” so I made the best of the situation and made my tacos with things surrounding the pepper and scraped the cheese off…

After a while the waitress stopped by and asked if someting was bad with my chile rellenos.. I told her that I dont meat  and I am sure it would taste good as it smelled fabulous. I explained that I forgot to ask if it was meatless. She offered to bring it back and get me a cheese only one.. I politely  denied since  andrea was 80 % done with hers and honestly I was kinda full.

Few minutes later she came back and told me she took my dish of the bill, I told her it was not necessary  since it was my fault plus I ate 60 % of my plate. 

We will definetly come back to the place and this time ASK for the CHEESE ONLY pepper or the cheese enchilladas. This is customer service we are not used to in the northeast and one of the reason we love the south so much.

3 thoughts on “Praise where praise is due…

  1. Oh my, Vegan, I knew there was something I did not like about you. We would drive each other crazy, I love meat.
    I commend you on your attitude, That kind of reaction brings out good service everywhere.

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    • I love meat too…thats why i had to stop eating it.. it was either vegetarian food or cholesterol medication and since I suck at moderation I went vegetarian and since then besides bettering my cholesterol by over 40 % I also have alot of other small ailments that went away. I still fish and hope to go hunting soon.


  2. I think service industry workers are often also appreciative of thoughtful customers who aren’t looking to cause trouble. I’m sure the waitress–obviously, a good one!–could tell by your laid back attitude that you weren’t trying to scam free food or cause trouble.

    You should post the name/address of this restaurant in case any of us are ever in that area. I’d choose a restaurant to try from a positive story like yours. 🙂

    It’s amazing to someone over 40, like me, how often even small, out of the way places have significant social media presence these days.


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