International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen,TX

I wish there would be a rating for Museums or a warning of sorts before paying the entrance fee. Not that this was a bad venue but it’s more something for families/ children than for 2 adults. The entrance fee of $7 should have been a hint.

They had a nice exhibit including a special display explaining weather forecast and development as well as some sort of “kinect connected” sandbox that adjusted the landscape contour based on the height of the land, plus you could make virtual rain with the shadow of your hand I havn’t had that much in a sandbox since I was 5 years old.

The Art part of the museum was interesting but nothing earth shattering.

One thought on “International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen,TX

  1. You’re lucky it was only $7. Your comments are true of so many science museums, but most are also VERY expensive. OMSI in Portland, OR (though they now have hip food venues, so adult visitors get to enjoy that.) Boston’s Museum of Science. Vancouver, BC’s Science World. San Francisco’s Exploratoreum. Seattle’s Pacific Science Center.

    It’s typical to spend about $100 to visit any of these (admittedly WORLD CLASS) facilities as a family. I will either take a membership (many of which have transferable guest privileges at other such museums around the USA) and bring my kids several times, or skip these.

    I enjoy them very much, but there is far more focus on children than on adults who love science. Again, OMSI wins the grown-up interest vote for having at least shown me the best art installation in a science museum–photos taken from a personal flightcraft over amazing landscapes.

    I suspect it is part of the American lack of interest in science and technology overall. We can’t figure out how to get children to study math and science, perhaps because we live in a culture that assumes adults wouldn’t enjoy a science museum geared toward them!

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