4 thoughts on “Window to the world

  1. We also have two cats, Maggie and Molly. We’ve taken them with us on our camping trips to get them used to the RV before we go full time later this year. Looking forward to hearing more from you about how your cats handle it. Do you let them outside, and are they declawed?

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    • They are both non declawed rescue cats. When we travel they usually have their hiding spots..one sleep on the blankets under the pull out couch and the other sleeps under the bed. Sometimes they come out while driving but not usually.Depending where we stay we take them on leashed walks or tie them up outside but they are usually happy laying in the window and watching the outside… make sure your have rabies certs and are chipped…just in case usually places dont want to see the certificates but some places wont let you in without.


    • True… when we used to travel with out 22 year old cat she used to sit all wobbly in the window and enjoyed the view…towards her end she couldnt move much and we made her a raised bed in our bed so she can lay in the sun and look outside… i remember being outside and her watching my every move..


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