McAllen Tamale Fest

Part of exploring a new area is not knowing what to expect… I saw an advertisement for the McAllen Tamale Fest in the paper and we decided to check it out.

When we got there we saw it was a smaller kind of festival so we parked and walked over. The entire festival consisted of maybe 4 “shelter to go” selling stuff you usually only find on yard sales in less fortunate neighborhoods plus one 12 x12 stage with a PA system

There was also a local radio station with a spinning wheel to win free “non” BPA free water bottles and some booth of a local politician of sorts.

Then there was a row of maybe 6 different Tamale Vendors…we didn’t even bother looking at what they offered ( so we may have lost out on some great food )

Maybe if the weather would have been better and the sun out or the PA system were better we would have stuck around some more and grabbed a bit to eat but it was just too depressing.

But I am still glad we went and checked it out…

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