2017 yet another review…

I am trying to use visual aids ( aka my google photos ) as reminder of what we have done in 2017.

The main focus on in the beginning of the year was the new RV, we went to multiple RV shows and dealers before we found a size and floorplan we liked and that ( we think ) will work for us.

At the end we decided on a a THOR A.C.E 30.3 ( Class A, 30.8 feet long )

Due to many issue with the unit we did not have much time to play with our new toy before we embarked on the first extended trip of 2017. We purchased a bunch of concert tickets to “Dead & Company” and were planning on attending concerts starting in Boulder, Colorado and then work ourselves back towards the east coast.

We were back in New York the end of June and spent the summer living on memories of our roadtrip and realizing how much we hate how our neighborhood has gone down the drain in the last few years.

Sometime in august Andrea received a call offering her a workamping job in Mission,TX. The prospect of avoiding a New York Winter was all we needed for her to take the offer and quit her job ( which she hated )

We set plans to leave New York on october 6th and arrive in Texas on october 14th.

Plans are made to be changed.. Instead of exploring the gulf coast we went more inland to avoid rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Harvey and instead of visiting Graceland we spent 2 nights in Arkansas Hot Springs NP.

In short…

  • NY – PA ( Cracker Barrel )
  • PA – VA ( Cabella’s )
  • VA – TN ( Cracker Barrel )
  • TN – AR ( Gulpha Gorge Campground )
  • AR – TX ( Cracker Barrel )
  • TX -TX ( Lady Bird Municipal Campground )
  • TX – Destinstation

When we arrived in Mission, TX we felt welcomed and home, the weather was nice and we had plenty of new things to explore

Andrea enjoys her new job ( working 24 hrs a week in the office of the campground we are staying at in return for a free site and electric ) and I am doing the same ole boring IT job I did from home in NY ( except in my shorts vs PJ bottoms and pooltime after work instead of shoveling snow or deicing something )

The first 2 month I worked using my Verizon phone as hotspot and had no issue.. However the campground wifi was weak and andrea ate fast through her 6 GB a month of data and we decided to get Spectrum internet vs adding more data to her plan.

We liked the life on the road so much that we decided to go fulltime in the RV. The paperwork is a pretty painful process and reminded me of the immigration process I had to endure . We registered the vehicles in Texas and started a mail forwarding service… I hope to make it to the DMV in the next few days  and get my drivers license…once that is competed I. have to work on my CCL or LTC like its called here.

So we are sitting here in southern Texas almost at the halfway point for our stay and have about 13 weeks left before we will work ourselves back northeast to work on the house and decide on the next steps… So far all we know is that we are coming back here in winter 2018 and spend another winter in the Rio Grande Valley.

The plan for the journey back is to go via New Orleans and Nashville but who knows what might happen… we have planned to give ourselves a good month for the trip north and hope to arrive the middle of may and head back south on Labor Day week.

this wraps up 2017 and we are getting to tackle 2018…

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