At the DMV in Texas

Just the way I like..

Nothing dramatic, no missing documents, no “you also need xyz” ….just good ole “pick a number and sit on a chair in a crowded room” at the DMV day.

They do have some sort of automation, upon entering you select why you are there form a screen and it prints a ticket for you. Then the wait begins the numbers were call based on who is staffed where. When I got there only 1 person was at the License desks and I was #12 in line for those. Then suddenly 4 more folks showed up to help the L-Tickets. I waited maybe a bit over an hour before I was called up. I showed my completed form, a utility bill , proof of insurance and car registration, my original Social Security Card ( MUST HAVE ) and my proof of citizenship (passport)

They took my photo, gave me a receipt for surrendering my New York License and printed me a temp Texas ID until the real one is going to be mailed to me ( about 2 week )

Overall not a bad experience but I hope in the future I can do thing online or in less busy offices.

Does that mean I am officially a Texan now ?


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