At the Shooting Range

The weather was less than pretty yesterday. Cloudy, grey, cold, dreary,yucky and around 50 degrees…..but still better than the 10 degrees they have up north.

I was doing some research how to get a Texas LTC and found a indoor shooting range. The price seems very reasonable…for a New Yorker ( at least) …..$15 for the first shooter and $10 for the second.. all day use of the range…OR $35 a month for a couple…we had fun, shot our Ruger .380, SW 38+ and signed up for the month and prepaid till april. They also offer the required class you need to take for the LTC.

our shooting was pretty bad… OK we still hit a 10 inch target at 30 feet but we need to get better…which..given we can now go anytime we want and its only 3 miles away will hopefully make us better shooters.

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