The Ant and the Grasshopper


The more I read in the various internet forums and facebook groups the more I wonder where I have gone wrong in life.

I see people 10 to 15 years younger than me living fulltime in their RV and not having steady jobs. They travel , do jobs here and there, work freelance to pay the bills…but my question is .. and I am not sure how to ask without being rude…HOW THE HECK ARE THEY PLANNING FOR LATER ?

I mean… how can they prepare for the “golden age” when they don’t pay into SSI, have no pension from work, no 401k contrib from a employer ?

How do they stay healthy without preventative Healthcare ?

Ok.. I believe that this lifestyle is a lot cheaper than what most people consider “normal” you can boondock for free if you are not depending on a good working cellphone signal. But you still eat, need clothes, have repairs on your vehicles or god forbid on yourself.

AND there will be the time where they can’t work anymore or where they will need surgery

I mean sometimes I have bleak view of my chances of reaching retirement age without the economy collapsing or humanity deciding to kill each other ( zombie apocalypse and alien attack is and option too) but you still gotta have a plan for the future, or not ?

Am I the ant that wants to be the grasshopper or am I a dung bug rolling “dirt” up a hill just so someone can step on me ?

2 thoughts on “The Ant and the Grasshopper

  1. I retired a few years. I scrimp and saved, maxed contributions, and if I had not done those things I would be dependant on the government for basic needs. But now I travel, fish, do the things I want and enjoy life in general on my terms. Those who have not planned learn to say, hello welcome to Walmart and do you want fries with that! Keep the wheels turning, the payoff is down the road.

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    • Right..there is no such thing as a free ride… I am just afraid that this seems to be a trend with alot of people and when they realize that the world has not ended and they have no nest egg they cry enough and then I end up paying for them with my nestegg.


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