Visit #2 to the DMV was more productive. We had all the paperwork and there was no issue with the weight certificate not identifying the vehicle. The inspection station made a type on the certificate and missed 1 letter  for the VIN.. so we had to rush back to the place and get that fixed, then rush back to  the DMV and finish the paperwork. The lady (like most people here) was super nice and helpful depsite the fact that they were totally swamped.

The next thing on the  list is drivers licenses but for some reason andrea needs her real SSN CARD  which she has to order a replacement for.  Maybe I go and get mine done nex tweek before the 2018 projects craziness starts.

Cost was $200 for the corolla and $260 for the Motorhome… now we have to look and see how much custom plates are.

One thought on “Registration…DONE

  1. Thanks so much for posting all this information. Hubby and I will be going full-time next year and plan to domicile in TX, so we really appreciate having insight to your experience with the process. Safe travels!!

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