Maybe I am too german or overthink things but when someone tells me I have to weigh my vehicle in order to register it i do it…. But then when I got it done and look at the weigth certificate and other than my name it doesnt not identify the vehicle by either license plate or VIN i am starting to wonder what the point is.

Well we got the certificate and I am wondering if they will accept it. If not I a not sure where to go from there. I still havent found anything regarding this requirement on the DMV website. The plan is to go back to the DMV Tuesday  and try it again.

3 thoughts on “Weight

    • Right, but it should be listed on the requirements website and maybe with a list of approved station. When I asked the lady in the office where an approved station is she didnt know and said to go to a truck stop… not sure why they dont just go with the gross weight listed for the vehicle…PLUS THE CERTIFICATE we have does not identify the vehicle.


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