Boca Chica Beach

Well we found a beach with driveable beach access and hard packed sand to support larger vehicles. If the condition of the beach is any indicator how the beaches further north held up after the hurricanes I have little hope for some beach camping in spring.

There were a lot of washed up trash and it looked like the dunes lost a lot of sand a solid hard  cut off about 4-5 foot high  marked how far the storm surge  went into the dunes.

We also found some interesting items… some sort of tool encapsulated in some sort of dry black material. ( maybe tar).

Then we found 2  shells with some sort of crab living inside ( we left those ) and we found some pretty shells, not sure where to put them or what to make with them but they were neat so we took them. I think we also found a jaw bone of some sort, not sure what animal.

It’s not the prettiest beach and need some  cleaning but its a nice remote location  to let the dogs run and maybe do some fishing.


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