Plan for today was…..

  • Get RV Inspected
  • Get Escapees Mail Forwarding stuff notiarized
  • Get RV and Car registered
  • Get Drivers License

The first 2 items we got done with little to no hassle….but when we tried to register the RV we were told that we need to have “Weight Certificate” and we also need the Insurrance policy, the paper we have in the RV as proof of insurrance was not good enough. The car woud have been fine but we also needed the insurrance policy itself as well as the title of it…( be nice if that info were available on the DMV website)

Not that “easy breezy” to become a Texan Resident it seems but like we say in germany…”Ohne Fleiss keinen Preis”..

Since the weather is not that good saturday we are going to try the Catscale thing  and attempt the registration again next week.

Paperwork for the Escapees Mail Forwarding is done and can be mailed.

2 thoughts on “Paperwork…

  1. You might ask them if a copy of the manufacturer ‘s brochure showing the weight would work. Or info from a website. That is what we used and we had no problems. We registered a truck, RV and two trailers.

    Getting our licenses was a real treat, though. Registering the vehicle was easy compared to that.

    Good luck!

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    • Thanks for your reply. We did ask that and she said it has to be a certified weight certificate and a photo ( no guideline on the photo either) and no one here we know remembers having to do that …and I have yet been able to find the weight certificate/photo for anything other than buiding a custom car.


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