Anzaluda Park

This park was listed as one of the excursions that the bi-cycle club here had planned. We figured we give it a look and took the bikes to the park. Due to the fact that it is directly at the border to Mexico we once again drive by/through the border fence  to enter the park. Day Use is $4  but in reality there isn’t much to do unless you have a boar or want to have a picnic. There aren’t any trails, just the roads around the place and you can’t drive up on the dam or levee or close to the structure itself. We took a ride around the circle ( 1.5 miles )  and that was the end of the excitement, I spent more energy loading and unloading the bicycles.


2 thoughts on “Anzaluda Park

  1. Viewing this post on my phone, I read the text before I could see the pictures. You have one typo:
    “…there isn’t much to do unless you have a boar…”

    I’m guessing that should be BOAT from the nice photos of water and a dock.

    But I find myself pondering situations where one might require a wild pig (boar) instead, and that’s kind of amusing.

    A luau or pig roast come to mind. Hunting truffles, maybe?

    Sorry if that was too silly an aside! 🙂

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