River Cruise on the Rio Grande

Andrea  and a few of the other ladies here have been taking some small trips on wednesday when they don’t have to work.  Last week they had plans to take a 1 hrs river cruise on the Rio Grande but once the word spread more people wanted to go and even some of the husbands tagged  along. At the end a total of 21 other people went on the trip.

I had to work and could not participate but Andrea said she would do it again so I can go too. She said the  guide was pretty knowledgeable and explained where they are planning on installing the new wall and pointed out where rafts have been used to cross the Rio Grande into America.

The trip started at the famous ( to people here ) Riverside Club, which if they build the wall as planned would be on the wrong side of the fence.

24232966_10155905167807579_333088745163364025_n.jpg24232966_10155905167807579_333088745163364025_n2.jpg24131028_10155905168787579_8446254233985992632_n.jpg24174692_10155905168882579_6092024773546556741_n.jpg24293965_10155905169047579_1631029319434298270_n (1).jpg24302336_10155905169242579_9157959457361914007_o.jpg24232449_10155905169457579_3190179845672868027_n.jpg

2 thoughts on “River Cruise on the Rio Grande

  1. On the wrong side of the fence! WTF…. I would be hopping mad if I was an American citizen. Dont get me wrong, I agree we need a wall. Its pretty easy to get in this country legally, but yes it takes time.


    • We went to another park today and on the way we drove through the fence…I am not not sure if that fence is cost effective or is actually stopping someome from entering…maybe they are just hoping to herd people to certain areas for easy collection.


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