Estero Llano Grande State Park

I think I should learn spanish  !  The names and pronunciation down here confuse me. I guess the J is a H when it comes to things  Jicama, Javier & Javelina….

Anyway we took the bikes out to the Estero Llano Grande State Park near the border to Mexico.. Plenty of Bike riding opportunities  including a Levee surrounding the state park and many side trails on which you can’t bring the bike. The trails are mostly flat with plenty of areas to take a break sit down and watch some birds.

Day use access is $5 per person  but with our Texas State Park Pass it was free. We saw an Alligator stick his head out of the water,  many turtles and alot of Yellow Crowned Herons , some well camouflaged whip-poor-wills and many other water birds.

The funny thing ( mostly for us ) is that we saw the White Pelicans again… the same kind we saw when we in Colorado in the spring.



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