Geico …

Andrea has been a Geico customer for 35 years…. never filed a claim and insurrance costs have constantly gone up… just in case the awning repair is more than expected we decided to open a claim with Geico,…..

Day 1)

We called explained what happend and were told an insurrance adjuster would contact us to look at the damage.

Day 2)

john doe called us explained he doesnt need to come out , just to get an estimate and take photos.

Day 7)

Someone  from geico calls us to tell us that friday the insurrance adjuster will come by to look at the damage, we explained we also got a call from john doe  and what he told us… the lady on the phone said no one by that name works for geico… I called the number and it seems to be a geico employee… also suddenly the lady tells that the damage was due to heavy rain… I told her that was not the case and I would like to hear the recording because we never stated such a thing.

That Friday…

No one called or showed up to inspect damage.

4 thoughts on “Geico …

  1. That don’t sound like very good service. I hope you just had a newby person training and that it gets taken care of. I have always had State Farm with good service, however my boat is insured with Progressive, never had to use them so I hope I don’t run into that if I ever do. The not showing up is what would really frost me!

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    • I guess you don’t know what you have till you need them. I am hoping we don’t need them and that THOR will cover the repairs under warranty…but it def. made us think about its time to get quotes from other insurances.


    • we also have state farm. all we had to do when to big front window needed to be replaced was tell the rv repair place. They contacted the insurance and then insurance called us to ask a few questions. All handled in one phone call.

      Sure hope it gets taken care of. what a bummer if they claim it was due to “natural” events and not covered.


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