Cost of internet

I checked the bills last night and saw that TimewarnerCable / Spectrum changed the costs for internet at our home base from $34 to $59. I called them to find out if there is something that can be done pricewise and they offered to give me up to 100 Mbit for only $5 more ( $64 total ).. I guess that is their understanding of “doing something about the price”

I only use the internet at home for my webcams but I figured since the police comes every 2 days to check on the property I dont really have to worry about this  anymore. plus if there were a tree down or giant flood  the neighbors would calls us anyway.

I checked with Andrea ( always ask the wife )  and then told Spectrum to go and pound salt… ehm I meant “go ahead and cancel the account” They transfered me to someone else and they tried to smoothtalk me  and making me panic about not being able to  connect to the internet and telling me that hotspots are not dependable… then they came up with their fuzzy logic about speeds and streaming… they are good presenting fake data and dont seem to have a realistic idea about the topic.

The agent I talked to put me on another long hold to “see if something else could be done and told me that $59 is the lowest price” Oh well.. now instead of losing $ 25  with me as a customer they know lose $59 without me.

I am honest, it is a bit weird  not to have the ability to see the webcams but then… there was a life before we had these things

Another $59 saved on the monthly bill…. of course now I am thinking about changing andrea’s AT&T plan to one of their unlimited plans ..the 3Mbit unlimited ( subject network managed after 22G ) cost only 5 bucks more than now…still a total monthly savings of $55…plus that would come with FREE HBO to stream

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