And then this happend….

Sunday evening, light rain showers in the area no wind worth mentioning.. We lay in bed and are snoozing off as suddenly I hear a weird PLOINK sound followed by the RV rockin one time. My first thought was someone is trying to steal the bicycles but when I got up to check I saw that actually the awning broke.

To me it looks like a shitty design and the whole thing could have been prevented by placing washer under the bolts increasing the surface area holding on to the frame mount.

Today after work we have. A few guys come over to help me secure everything and then we get to have the fun of dealing with the warranty people at THOR.

5 thoughts on “And then this happend….

  1. I feel your pain. Awning and canopy just don’t stand up to wind. I anchor mine with screw in anchors, stake type never holds, especially if ground is saturated. Sounds like insurance claim to me. Good luck.

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    • Stakes and everything held.. to me it looks like a designfault or manufactor laziness… the slots with house the bolts are too big and the bolts only are on top of the mounts on one side or barely two..simple installation of a larger washer could have prevented them from popping out… another battle to fught with the warranty people at THOR


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