Repairs & Naps

The weather this weekend was on the bad side… rainy and humid .. Saturday morning we did a supply run to Lowes to get the bolts to  fix the Mirror on the RV.

We replaced the wood screws ( one of the snapped and causing the issue of the other becoming lose  ) with a bolt,  washer and wingnut for easier access ( its hard to bring tools into the area of the dash)

Thank god for fellow RVers, a couple of the other workampers saw us fiddling and came over to give us a hand since one of the screw heads snapped off, we tried a few things and were able to get it out without having the drill it out.

Sunday we didn’t do much, grocery shopping at H.E.B where we found some vegetarian dishes and some good discounts and after that Andrea went to the pool and I went back to bed to take a nap.  Not sure if I caught a bug or if it was the lack of sleep from the night before ( I had to get up at 4 AM to work  for a few hours ) but I felt tired, had a headache and was nauseous. I got up late in the afternoon and  started to feel better

I am a little bit bummed out not to have done some exploring but we have 4 1/2 months left here, there is no need to rush things.


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