The Border Wall / Fence / Wall +Fence

Sunday we visited the infamous border wall that has been cutting off  access to a wildlife refuge in Hidaglo,TX. In one section the wall consist of a high steel fence that reminds me of the T-Rex cage in Jurrasic Park, in another section it is a stonewall with a 5 foot fence on top of it. Then at the end of the wall is the “hangout” for the border patrol folks and a ungated open area with no signs that would allow anyone to walk down into the wildlife refuge and towards the Rio Grande. I didn’t feel like messing with border patrol but next time I might ask them what the point of a wall and gates is if right next to the border there  is a big open area…plus some of the segments are really poorly assembled on section was 4 inches too high another one had a good 6 inch gap and the design kinda makes it easy to climb the wall like you would climb a palm tree.




One thought on “The Border Wall / Fence / Wall +Fence

  1. I’m not sure there is great evidence for the efficacy of a wall. I believe most proponents have an emotional reaction to the idea of a “wall,” that being an impregnable barrier.

    Most examples of border walls in modern times with which I’m familiar rely on aggressive patrols by soldiers/police to offer any kind of security…

    Politicians tend to peddle feelings, not facts. Ahem.

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