1 month living fulltime in a RV

We have been fulltime living for a month in the RV now and things are finding their way and routine. Due to my military background i like the “close quarters” and the fact that it can become messy fast but can also easily cleaned up fast. Andrea has some adjustments to do, she still has the habits of doing dishes and letting the stand VS me putting them away as soon as they are dry so the counter doesnt clutter…Use it, Clean it, Put it away.

I use my Alfa Wifi Extender to re-broadcast the free wifi at the campground inside the RV, It’s only a max of 2 Mbit ( down ) but so far it has been good enough to stream CBS,FOX, ABC and Youtube… new episodes are not available till a week later but we can wait for not having to pay broadband access…plus all our personal email/web needs are covered.

Laundry we do about every 10 days to 2 weeks in the laundrymat on site $1.75 for wash and $1.50 for drying…We usually do it while catching some sunrays at the pool…what a life

We have been doing pretty good with our budget I think.. We are going to do a closer review inthe future when we have all the bills documented. Andrea is guestimating that our grocery bill is about half of what it was in New York. We also eat healthier, move more and Andrea lost 8 lbs so far I think… Because our fridge is alot smaller we have to go more often to the store but that also helps with overeating I think. There is also a local farmer coming to the campground a few times a week selling fresh veggies and fruits.

The speakers in the TV are pretty useless and we been using a RCA-to-Bluetooth Adapter to listen to the audio which works well but is a bit of a PIA. I am going to get a RCA-to-3.5mm adapter and connect the LR TV to the RV stereo and see if that sounds better than the built in stuff ( plus I hate having to set things up and take down all the time)

We spent $99 for a sunshade that slides into the awning and gives us some shade in the afternoon hours and privacy.

We both have been sleeping well in the RV even though coming from a Cal King bed to a queen takes a bit of adjustment.

Working EST and living CST is still awesome.  I love to start early and finish early having time to go to the pool or explore some in the area (pool wins most of the time)

The dogs are adjustting too, i only take them for a long elam in the AM and PM ..during the day it is just too warm for them.

Not one time have we said  that we missed something from the house.

So far we are very happy, both of us are in a better mood and we love the adventure and excitment of new things.

5 thoughts on “1 month living fulltime in a RV

  1. It’s great to hear how well you are adjusting. And, of course, one of life’s great lessons is to enjoy the now. If this place or pace pales in the future, you will find the next right thing. 🙂


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