Texas State Park Pass

I like to pay up front and not be nickeled and dimed to death. In New York we had the Empire Pass which allows you unlimited visits to StateParks for day use. I would never take the dogs for a 60 min walk and pay $10 to get in but with the state park pass it feels like its free.

The Texas State Park Pass costs $70 per year and allows up to 5 people to visit any of the Texan State Parks. Seems dayuse is usually around $5 to $10 per person so I am sure we will visit 7 times in 6 months. What I like is that they give you a card to carry vs a sticker on your car like NY does. This way  the access goes with you even if you take another car.

We went to LLBANO GRANDE STATPARK in Weslaco, TX to get our pass. They had some nice trails to ride, walk and dogs are allowed too.  They have a nice viewing platform at the visitor center  but due to  the “Mexican seafood debakel” ( see previous entry) I didn’t feel like walking around much. We save this for another day.

3 thoughts on “Texas State Park Pass

    • Alot of people.. even residents of that state dont even know those cards exist…ever since i had the empire pass for ne wyork its one of the first things i check when staying in a different state. Colorado also charges $70 for the year PLUS you have to have it (or pay dayuse) when you camp…even if you aready paid for camping..


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