First time in Mexico

Sunday we decided to  take a drive to Mexico and visit what everyone is ranting and raving about.

I was not impressed and I think Andrea was not either. The border crossing was very easy, we drove to the Progresso International Bridge, parked bout 200 feet from the border at a cost of $2 and walked across the bridge to Mexico. there are “subway” style turnbars  and it costs 50 cent to leave the US and 25 cent to return.

There are people living under the bridge and where they can they hold hats and hands through the opening hoping for hand outs. Once you are “in town” its a whole different circus…panhandlers constantly bug you  offering everything from massages, medication, pedicures and dental work.  I am not a big fan of narrow areas to begin with but my anxiety levels went up when I  constantly had these people in my face bugging me.

We looked around a bit but we didnt “need” anything they had ,  later in the season we are going back to to get some pet meds.

Lunch we had at a place called the RED SNAPPER. It was clean, staff was polite and they have all day happy hour ( of course the drinks are small and weak ) Food was OK, nothing to write home about… Not much vegetarian so I figued out the fish plate has less cholesterol than the cheese enchilladas. Havnt eaten much deep fried in month I paid for it dearly in the afternoon, walking around like I had a bag of cement in my stomach I was not the happiest guy.

On the way back we ran into the real poor people, little children  begging for food asking for money.. really sad and making me very uneasy about having such poorness only a few yards away from the USA.

2 thoughts on “First time in Mexico

  1. Not sure if we will cross the border in the near future or not. I did a medical missions trip in the Dominican Republic (not the resort side, it was where the ‘real’ people lived), and it was scary when we visited the larger towns with the persistent hawkers. When I did purchase a small hand-woven rug from a frail elderly woman on the street, a young man tackled her to get the money I gave her and it caused a street melee (I was terrified, to be honest, and way too outnumbered to get involved). I would love to take gifts for the little kids, but it’s so easy to get overtaken by the crowds. It seems it is safer to do nothing, but that doesn’t sit well in my heart, either. I wondered what the street experience was like when crossing the Mexican border–thank you for this post. Safe travels!

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  2. I think you have to get away from the borders and the big cities to see the real Mexico. However I have never been and I don’t think I will. I don’t like the beggars anywhere I encounter them. Its hard to tell who is really on hard luck and who is scamming.

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