National Butterfly Center…someone please take my money

Sunday ( 10/22)   we decided to do what the other Winter Texans do.. visit Flea Markets.. We went to Donna,TX to visit the DON WES Flea Market to see a guy about a sunshade for the RV. The one I bought from Amazon doesn’t work as well as we thought and for $99 he will be able to custom make us one. It should be ready by Wednesday.

After that we tried to visit San Juan Basilica but Mess just started and we thought people might not like us walking around taking pictures of the shrine.

Plan C was to visit the National Butterfly Center. We heard good things about it and the entrance center was ultra modern and had a lot of the right sort of things to purchase…from magnets, birding books, butterfly guides to T-shirts and other apparel…One small problem.. there was no one to take out money. We waited , walked around, looks in the office for 15 minutes and no one was there to take our money for entrance or for the things we were planning on buying.
We gave up and walked in the back and saw as sign saying DRIVE SLOW… Are we suppose to drive through ? Total confusion.. We then spotted some people with fancy cameras walking around in some sort of garden that had butterfly in it.. Honestly, very underwhelming and IF someone would have taken my $10 per Person for this I would have asked for my money back. But maybe there was more and we just didn’t see it…after all there was not too much info to th visitor other than pointing them to the entrance where  no one was available to take money or help in any way, shape or form.

After that disapointing experience we went to H.E.B to buy some groceries  and then floated in the pool for 2 hrs…



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