Getting settled in….first week working from the RV.

I love working Eastern Time and living Central Time
At 5:30 AM CT I get up and take the dogs for a 1 mile walk …well 9/10 th of a mile followed by coffee and morning news outside the camper enjoying the fresh cooler Texan air.

Between 6:30 and 7 go start my hot spots and begin to work… I take my lunch around noon time and walk the dogs again….between 3:30 PM ..if I am lucky but mostly around 4 PM …which is 5 PM eastern time i am done for the day, slap on my bathing suite, grab some drinks , let the dogs out for a quick pee and head to the pool to cool off.

1 or 2 hrs later we come back, chill a bit and then take the dogs for an evening walk.

Then we hang, go shopping if needed,chill,watch TV or youtube till its bed time..and after the exposure to sun and pool I am usually in bed by 9PM…

Since we dont (yet?) have the luxury or a constant internet connection we improvise. My unlimited verizon dataplan is used (via foxfi) for work and backup to streaming, Andrea hotspot is used by her and her ipad…my t-mobile hotspot is used for my cisco ip phone and as a backup for streaming.

We stream using the laptop and a HDMI cable…bit of a hassle but doable. We get 1 free basic wifi connection with the campsite which so the evening has been good enough for streaming.

We have some channels on regular tv and honestly i am not missing the other stuff much… time seems to be literally floating away when spent at the pool.

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