South Padre Island 10/15/2017


Since it was going to be a hot day we decided to drive out to South Padre Island and let the dogs play on the beach. It took us about 90 min to drive the 85 miles to the tip of SPI (including a bio break at some gas station that according the the amount of customers in side had great mexican food )

SPI seems pretty touristy the regular beach shops to buy shirts, boards and trinkets.

We turned into the first PUBLIC BEACH access site and parked the car in the shade. The beach was not that crowded and we were able to walk the dogs without bothering other beach goers.

I think the dogs are still getting used to the heat cause both of them had enough after 30min. The little guy got soaked by a larger wave and was grumpy the bigger one didnt know what to make of the waves and had her HELP ME I AM LOST AND DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO LOOK on her face

It was in the 90s so we went back t the car explored a but more by car and then made the drive back home to the RV Park where the dogs enjoyed the AC and we went to the pool.

I started writing down some POI for us to check out, butterfly sanctuary, bird watching areas, state parks, mansion to visit… this saturday i would like to go to one of the dog training centers that have a dog pool and see what services they offer in regards of training etc.


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