We decided to drive from Fredericksburg,TX directly to Mission,TX and arrive on friday evening vs saturday morning. I am glad we did , now we had 2 days to settle down.

The spot we got is nice facing the driveway but I think I prefer that over looking at someone sewer hookup. The campground is still empty mostly workampers here and the sites to the left and behind us are still empty. The lake itself is still empty too but we were told it will be filled in november.

Saturday we went to Walmart ( 1 mile away ) to get some groceries, this week we will try to get a HEB customer card so we can get their savings. Other than that we did laundry and soaked in the pool & hot tub.

Sunday we took the dogs to the beach in South Padre Island. Hunter got scared when a big wave threw him off balance and Lilly got overwhelmed with all the new sounds, people and smells.

Andrea is having her first day at work today , hopefully she is going to find out her schedule and get some onsite training.

So far we like it… Plenty of things to do  and explore.


10 thoughts on “Mission,TX

  1. We know a couple who keep a winter place in Mission. And we’d originally planned to make it to the TX coast this winter but now i’m not sure we’ll make it that far south (this year). I’ll be watching your blog for reviews and ideas for when we make it that far! P.S. You will LOVE HEB!

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