Hot Springs National Park

My internal clock is still ticking on east coast time…the good thing is so are he dogs . We got up at 4:30 CDT today and went for a nice walk with them  around the campground. I love walking at night, there is some innocent in the air of what the day might bring…Back in the RV I made some coffee and the dogs went back to bed with mommy.

Andrea got up around 7 CDT and after breakfast we took the dogs on a nice 3.5 miles hike towards “Bathhouse Row” we decided  to turn back, freshen up and take a drive into town. We found parking for a reasonable price of  $0.50 for 1 hrs and walked down to the visitor center and took the walking tour. Very interesting to see the old bathroom, and treatment facilities but I couldnt help to get a certain “Vincent Price” “ Mental Hospital” feel from it.

Lunch we had at the “Superior  Bathhouse and Brewery. Andrea had a gyro and beer, I had a mushroom panini and ice tea.  I tried some of her beer and just dont like the taste of it anymore…plus they charged $7 for a pint.

We then returned to the Campground and became bums watching a few episodes of Season 5 of House … I filled up the freshwater tank and went for a nice walk around the campground. 

The plan for tomorrow is to get to Waco, TX and spend the night at a Cabela’s and then head to Fredericksburg the day after…

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