Gulpha Gorge Campground

If it were not for Squirmy Feet ( ) we would have probably never found this place inside the Hot Springs National Park.

Gulpha Gorge Campground is a small NP CG inside Hotsprings NP , it has about 30 ish site that can only be used on a first come first serve base.  It does not have showers and does not have a playground….what it does have is creek side campsites with FHU for $30 ( or for National Park Pass owners $15 ).

We pulled in around 2 PM and were lucky to score one of these creek side campsites. Just past the Amphitheater is a small stone crossing that gets you access to the Gulpha Gorge Trail system.  After crossing the stream there is a hike to Sunset Trail to the right and to the left is the Dead Chief Trail that after about 1.5 miles gets you to to Bathhouse Row. Its a bit of an uphill challenge but nothing too crazy, maybe I can convince Andrea to  give it a try today.

We are taking a day off from driving today and do some hikes or exploring of the NP / Bathhouse Row.

Tomorrow ( Tues 10/10 ) the plan is ( and who read us knows that this might change in a heartbeat ) to drive around 400 miles to Waco,TX and stay at a Cabela’s  then the next day head to Fredricksburg,Tx and spent an “OFF” day there before making it to San Antonio / Alamo and then to our final Destination in Mission,TX on Saturday.

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