Rain in Tennessee

Looks like we might be skipping sightseeing in Tennessee and save it for the return trip. Yesterday we drove around 400 miles and made it to Jackson,TN. We decided to skip Nashville since it was going to rain today and were pushing on to Memphis to visit Graceland today…until I went online and looked at ticket prices. They START at $47 and go as high as $162…I love THE KING but not worth that muh money. $20 -$30 is where I usually draw the line for entrance fees.

We decided to quit “early”  special since we are now in CDT and gained an hour of daylight. The night we spend at a Cracker Barrel near I-40 where we grabbed dinner ( chicken salad for andrea and Vegetable Plate for me with mashed potatos,corn, mac&cheese and fried okra). After running the generator  and AC for a bit  I went to bed around 8:30 PM local time ( way past my bedtime time for eastcoast time)

It rained on and off through the night and got pretty humid. I woke up at  my regular time around 4 AM ( internal clock,bowel clock for me and dogs ) took the dogs for a walk till it started to rain again and here we are.

Todays goal is to reach Hot Springs National Park early get a site with FHU, dump tanks, get fresh water and relax. 

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