2 days into the journey…

We left New York around 4:30 PM on Thursday and drove about 180 miles to Fogleville where we spent the night at “Cracker Barrel Municipal Park” Nice LOOOOONNNNG pulltrhough sites, we didn’t even have to unhook the toad. The next morning I got up around 6 AM and made myself some coffee while I was waitong for my better half to wake up.  We enjoyed a nice “Pumpkin Pancake breakfast” that was enough to feed the both of us ( no wonder ‘MERICA has a obesity problem )

Friday we drove just under 500 miles through Virginia and stopped at  “Cabela’s National Monument” in Bristol,VA for the night, also a large side, located between Cabela’s and Lowes  not much road noise at all. For dinner we decided to have some Buffalo Wild Wings.. It was horrible and the order had stuff missing but we were too lazy to go back and complains ( CHECK YOUR ORDER WHEN DOING TAKE OUT)

Nashville is around 260 miles away and we are nt sure where to stay for the night and we are not sure if we just going to stay a whole day tomorrow or if we are just making it an overnighter.  Something Andrea and I have to discuss, We are only. 5 miles away from the stateline to Tenneessee and I hope the Visitor Center has some info. 

Maybe someone who read this has some suggestions for things to do in Nashville,TN or State/County Parks to stay at.

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