My 2 cents to kneeling or standing during the National Anthem.

Not like we need more opinions on this but this topic is getting out of hand and on my nerves.

As a naturalized citizen ( for those birthright americans unfamiliar with that term it means I chose to become an american citizen and had to prove I am worthy of that privilege ) my opinion is that it is everyone’s right ( if not even duty ) to question their government and to point out our faults and places where we can improve. IF someone choses  by respectfully kneeling to do so and can do this without fear of imprisonment or persecution I am even prouder to be an american and will stand tall for that person’s right to continue to do so.

For those that are too lazy to talk to your children  about WHY people are not standing and just calling it disrespectful I can only shake my head in disbelief. The only way to change the world is to have a dialogue and only if we understand each other we will achieve this goal.

I see disrespect all the time but I also live in this little place I like to call REALITY… isn’t it disrespectful during the national anthem   to run to the bathroom, continue to sell overpriced beer, sit in your lazyboy recliner stuffing your face with wings and nachos or stand half hearted in the in the stands of a stadium talking to  the guy next to you about the latest stats ?

For those calling for people to get fired for this  I wonder why they don’t ask the NFL to fire rapists, wife beaters and animal abusers and other convicted felons?

I am an atheist …when I am at a place of worship ( and I don’t mind going to church since they usually have a positive message that people should listen to and think about ) or people pray I am being respectful & quiet  But I don’t fold my hands, lower my head or pray…I don’t consider myself being disrespectful  for doing so. I have seen players of the NFL jumping/ continue their warmup , chewing gum during the anthem.. THAT I find disrespectful.

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