16 days left.. still no RV + car trouble

I had put my Subaru Forester on Craigslist to see if I can sell it before the winter and it won’t just sit outside the house till we return in may. There were quite a few people interested, some made almost insulting offers.

The KBB value is $7000, but the AC is not working so I lowered the price to $5500 ( a steal for someone who can do their own repair and a good deal for someone who brings it to a shop ) PLUS the car has a $300 roof rack system, $400 trailer hitch with electrical set up plus comes with a set of snow tires.

Some guy graciously offered me $4000 .. I was polite and told him “no thanks” One guy  came for a test drive , told me he knows how to drive stick then stalled the car brutally and after that the check engine light came on. Now I had to spend $265 for a tuneup ( new spark plugs and and cables ) to get that taken care off ( was probably overdue anyway )

But that’s taken care off now and I can get the car inspected next week if no one buys it by then.

I had to play “Project Manager” again for  THOR and CAMPINGWORLD.  No wonder Campingworld is so far behind with work, they wait days in between checking for approvals, to order parts  etc. I called THOR and got the tracking # for the parts they were delivered Tuesday morning. I called my Service Liaison at CW and left her a message.. NO CALL BACK.. I hope that means that she checked to make sure the parts are there and has someone working on it and hopefully  gives me a call back today saying its been fixed ( ROFLMAO.. what are the chances of that happening )

Trying to stay positive and realistic here.. If I don’t hear back from them today I will call again tomorrow morning and see if I can get a status from the Service Manager or call THOR and have them call CW. Time is really running out and we have a lot of things to do since the RV will be our home for the next 6 months.

Happy Thoughts….maybe that helps move things along.


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