25 days still no RV update

Maybe we are not meant to have a working radio in the RV.

I called THOR this morning and confirmed what I feared. Camping World in Kingston,NY still did not submit an “Authorization Request” to troubleshoot the Radio issue under warranty. I call my Camping World Service Liaison and asked for a status.. waiting for her to call me back. I know they are just following the process but this is ridicules and if they ever want to  get rid of their backlog they stop playing this “hurry up and wait” game.

I am pretty pissed that we basically wasted 3 days on  some stupid authorization. If they would have submitted it Friday I could have called and had it approved and they could have worked on it today.. Now, from my experience  they will submit it today, I will have to call to get it approved ( hopefully today if not tomorrow ), then tomorrow  they will find out they can work on it and maybe Wednesday someone will actually do some real physical work… that’s in a best case scenario.

This will be the last THOR I purchased, I gave them more  than enough 2nd chances and they did nothing but disappoint in delivery and quality.

We did some work at the house this weekend but mostly took it easy. We installed a new ceiling fan in the kitchen and bathroom light. Next weekend we are going to rip the bedroom apart and get rid of the old carpet as well as open the ceiling and see if we can find the issue we had with the roof leak under certain weather conditions.

fun fun fun  .. I cant wait to get on the road for a few months and relax/ see new places


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