28 days..final route.. for now

Due to Hurricane Harvey we decided to avoid the Texas Gulf Coast  on our journey to Andrea’s first workamping  job. Keng from David and Keng on the Road suggested to avoid the area and  while I at first thought it might add alot of miles it turns out to only be around 20 miles more.. thats like a drop of water in the bucket of a close to 2200 miles one way trip.

For now the plan is to  stay more in land and cross Tennessee with stops in Nashville and Memphis ( Graceland being on my bucket list ), followed by Arkansas and the Clinton Presidential Library ( Presidential Libraries being also a bucket list items ) and heading into Texas via Dallas then a side trip to Fredricksburg and the LBJ  Presidential Library .. If time permits  visit the Alamo ( since you are not suppose to forget the Alamo ) and then push for Mission, TX.

As usual everything is subject to change  and depending on weather etc might be subject to change.


7 thoughts on “28 days..final route.. for now

      • Nice river walk….just the obvious touristy things, Memphis we went to Graceland. I thought it was totally worth it. Very organized tours!each time we have been there just traveling through with other destinations. Tennessee is a beautiful state! We usually take off the beaten track roads and just stop here and there nothing sticks in my mind. Is your wife’s job going to,be close to San Antonio?

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  1. San Antonio is a destination. Been there a coupe,of times…again on a vacation…where Galveston was our destination. PAdre Island where there is camping on the beach was on my bucket list. We drove down the beach for miles….it is beautiful?


  2. yeah I am a Clinton Hater but he was President and has a Library and I found those to be interesting to visit.. If you ever have the chance to visit Woodrow Wilson Library ( and birthhouse ) I can only recommend it


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