Still waiting for the RV

Again.. not sure why i make appointments.

I called CampingWorld in Kingston,NY yesterday to find otu the status of the radio repair. Not sure why i have to call i think the shop should be informing me, communicating is key when dealing with customers.

The polite Service Liason told me that a Tech was assigned to it on Tuesday so the unit should be ready later today. I reminded her like everyone else I talked to before that its nit an easy radio switch, one of the cable in the harness has not the power it should have. The Servcie Liason told me she will tell the tech (yeah right)  and they will make sure everything works.

Here is mu guess of what will happen next…

“they will put new radio in, it wont work due to missing voltage.. which they wont measure but they take easy way out and call THOR to send them a new radio, then 3 more days later they have new radio and put it in.. just to find out it still doesnt work.. then they will call thor and thor might suggest measuring the voltage”

To end on a good note… i was able to find the color name and number i need to repair the glasfiber in the front. I called THOR, they said it was called VINYARD… but i think he was talking about something else…but he gave me the name of the place that makes the GEL COAT bodies for the RV.. I called them and they said they dont deal with paint colors but gave me the cellphone of an engineer who might be able to help me.. I called him and a fellow with a heavy indian accent answered, he took info of my RV like year and model and within a pn hour he called me back with a name and color number and said  if  i have more questions to call him back… WOW thats good customerserivce and it was refreshing and motivating after running from one dead end to another with everything else.

4 thoughts on “Still waiting for the RV

  1. Sorry to hear about more issues with repairs. We had so many repairs and replacements to do for our rigs in the first 6-8 months that it’s quite discouraging.

    After a few months of being on the road, we decided that we weren’t going to have Camping World do our RV services and repairs. Of several things that we had them do, we weren’t satisfied with the outcomes. We now have been using the manufacturer’s service center for routine services and some repairs since they supposedly know the coach.

    We also found that using a mobile RV repair service is a good alternative. They come to us, instead of we driving our coach to the shop. These motorhomes cost some money every time you drive it. Many repairs could be done in RV parks at your site. Figure out which mobile RV services serve your area. Recommendations from other RVers are good places to start.

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    • Yes I promised myself not to use CampingWorld anymore but “believe it or not” Albany RV is much worse than them.. but its 10 miles vs 65 miles… I would replace the radio myself, but there is a inline fuse somewhere or a relay is broken and one cable on the harness doesn’t get power. THOR said I MUST bring it in for warranty work.. Its just frustrating .. once the warranty is up we will use mobile RV repairs or a professional radio install service if needed.


      • It sounds like Thor doesn’t have its own service shops that you can go to, but rather rely on dealers to do repairs. Have you checked where in TX you can go for warranty repairs?

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  2. yeah they have contracts with dealers to do their work… and most of them seem horrible and uneducated. in THOR products. I have not looked yet in texas but I would assume there are RE Repair places around since their winter population is mostly RVers


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