Workamping …end of career or career ?

I think the answer is pretty obivous but then I realize that I see the world differently according to popular believes.

We are going to start our first workamping adventure on Nov 1st. Well  Andrea is, I am going to continue my day job so we have affordable healthcare. I think we did our due diligience  and are as good as any newcomer  can be prepared for the situation. We read articles, blogs and joined facebook groups related to the topic. We are also prepared to put our tails between our legs and head home if the experience is too horrible to bare but i doubt that will be the case, Andrea is a pretty smart and tough girl and most people dont mess with a 5’2 lady if her husband is a 6’3 and 240 lbs german with a beard that makes people turn their heads

I been reading alot of post from mosty younger people ( I am 45 so not old either..i think ) that are constantly complaining about the hours they are requried to work, work that they need to perform or the fact that they want more money. Alot of them do “funny math” where they take the cost of a site and divide it by the ours they need to work to come up with their hourly rate. No one seems to include items like skills needed, place worked,amentities available into their math.

There sure are places out there that seem to exploit people and ask for many hours in return of free site or change the rules once someone started but I am getting the feeling that alot of younger people think workamping is a career where money is to be made and life is to be expanded. I see it more as a end of career situation where someone still has plenty to give and wants to be active but doesnt want to participate in the 8 to 5 rat race every day.

Plus I hate when people compare their work to slavery, unlike slavery you can walk away when you feel you deserve better or feel abused. When I came to america I did any work that paid , from painting fences, yardwork, picking catshit out of flowerbeds, then I started with IBM had a good decade then they took my pension, no more raises, small bonuses and finally cut 401k contribs… so I left and started somewhere else where I am treated better. People can only do to you what you allow them to do to you.

 But again… I might be wrong again.

One thought on “Workamping …end of career or career ?

  1. I’ve seen the same complaints. It’s certainly possible to take a workamping assignment that’s a bad deal, but that’s easily remedied. With all the ways we can share information these days it’s also easier to avoid places that have a bad reputation among workampers.

    I agree with your take on workamping. Even though we can usually make more hourly elsewhere, there are situations where workamping just makes sense. Meanwhile the complainers sit in the same campsite, month after month, waiting for the perfect, high-paying opportunity to fall in their laps 😁


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