Online conduct…

Am I getting old ?

When I read the way people online  talk to each other (essentially strangers) I start to wonder about society. Don’t get me wrong I am a potty mouth once you get to know me and have a vast variety of choice words NOT including the german vocabulary….But, the point is I use it when appropriate, under friends unless they get offended, in an environment where my face can be seen facial expressions can be interpreted and not in a faceless internet group. Someone asks a question, makes a statement and suddenly is BEEP this you BEEPING BEEP, you are all BEEPS for having that opinion and BEEP THIS BEEP .

Do we have to use these words  when conversing online ? We are always told not judge a book by its cover but how am I going to judge that BEEPING book if all I see on  the BEEPING cover is some BEEP that some BEEPING BEEP who is too BEEP  to BEEP straight  came up with ?

Am I getting old ?

3 thoughts on “Online conduct…

  1. I think there’s a lot of angry people out there and the Internet gives them the opportunity to vent in an almost anonymous way. It’s a pretty lazy way of expressing an opinion though and turns me right off following some online discussions.

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  2. I accept profanity by adults as a personal choice, and I’ll use it myself in carefully selected company. I think there is a modern trend toward, “use it if you think it is okay.” Personally, I find that it dumbs down one’s message..

    If you can’t find another word to express yourself, you have a weak vocabulary.

    I think cursing loudly in public (streets, transit) is generally quite rude, especially when children are present. Because standards have changed over time, I’ve also taught my kids to speak more moderately when ELDERLY folks are present, which is a rule I also follow.

    As a mother, my children know that:
    1) If they use profanity, I reserve the right to make them study the history of any rude word coming out of their mouths. (I own a book called “The F Word” that takes several hundred pages to explore this particular curse. I have tons of patience for this sort of punishment!)

    2) If they are quoting (accurately!) Shakespeare or other “great books,” they will not be punished. (This came about because my elementary aged son was quoting a Shakespearean insults poster we have hanging, and his brother threatened to tell on him for all the “damns.”)

    3) They will be called to explain themselves if otherwise cursing. This will be time consuming and likely boring. Searching out a more polite word is usually worth it, they seem to find.

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