$298.73 in RV feeebies

Well we paid in aggrevation, frusttration and tears but we used the hsitty weather yesterday to use the giftcard we got from the RV dealer to buy some items for the RV. 

  • 30 AMP surgeprotector
  • Tire covers (old ones were too small for new rig )
  • Small butane cooker for tent camping
  • 2018 randmcnally roadmap
  • Kitchen and bathroom stuff
  • Doggie travelbowl / container
  • Collapsable laudry basket

Prices were artificially inflated the way RV places like to do it but but we got a $ 300 giftcard from them burning a hole in our pockets.. plus the drive north and back was some excitement for the puppies and they napped the rest of the afternoon.

Would be nice if we would have the RV back this week so we can focus on prepping for the big trip.

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